Healthy Food

New Client Consultation

Your first appointment will establish a plan of action. Your intervention strategy will include coaching, custom therapeutic diet and food recommendations, education, supplements, and possible functional laboratory work.
I utilize food journals, physical examinations, laboratory work, and your health history to design a personalized plan unique to you as an individual to meet your health care needs. This appointment can last any where from an hour and a half to two hours. 
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Follow-Up Visits 

The remaining follow-up sessions can be scheduled every 2 – 3 weeks, depending on your need for support. Follow-up sessions may include the following:

Update on your current state, symptoms and changes to diet, medications, supplements and/or lifestyle, review of lab test results and refinement as needed, discussion of previous changes and need for altering the action plan, determination of next steps, meal planning and recipe tweaking, coaching on making changes, and mindful eating. 

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Free 15-Minute Introductory Consult

Not so sure if you’re ready to hit the ground running? I am happy to chat with you for a few minutes to better understand your concerns. This will give us both the opportunity to make sure we’re well suited for each other. You will have the opportunity to list your top 3 health concerns, and I can give you a general overview of how we’d approach your intervention strategy.
Meditation by the Sea

Vinyasa/Flow Yoga Session


One hour-long, one-on-one or private group yoga session to learn the basics of yoga asana, meditation, and therapeutic movement. Great for those needing to calm their minds and move their bodies with a little extra support and attention. You will learn how to incorporate yoga into your daily life and move effectively to support your fitness goals and keep your joints and muscles healthy.

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